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For Birth Professionals

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For Birth Professionals is Northern Nevada

I have noticed that finding resources for pregnancy, labor, birth, and even parenting is not easy in Northern Nevada.  I have started a Network for all birth professionals.  I am hoping that this network will help form some professional relationships between all involved in women during the childbearing years.  We will eventually have monthly meetings free to the public, each month discussing a topic related to pregnancy.  All birth professionals in Northern Nevada/Northern California are welcomed and encouraged to join.  The website is .  This website is for professionals only, and is not open to the public.
There is also another network that was just started, called the Nevada Birth Network.  This network extends from Northern to Southern Nevada.  The purpose behind this network is to have all resources available for pregnant women and thier families available on one easy site.  The web address is .  Listings are free.  This site is open to the public.  If you would like to post a listing, email me at

Educating, Empowering and Supporting Women...One birth at a time.